The Orion Principle

Orion Dental Welders are designed with today's dental lab in mind. If you have a smaller lab, the Orion is the most affordable, yet high-tech dental welding solution to help you maximize profits and potential. If you run a larger lab then the Orion is the perfect addition to your current operation, and will help you realize new opportunities. The principle behind Orion Dental Welders is to provide dental labs with the highest quality welding equipment for less. Below are just a few of the benefits that the Orion Dental Welder has to offer.

The Affordable Solution for Dental Labs. The Orion Dental Welder is the ideal solution for dental labs. Learn more about the advantages, capabilities, and cost effectiveness of the Orion Dental Welder including the ability to effectively weld a variety of cases.

High-Tech – Easy To Use. The Orion Jewelry Welder is a high-tech, high-precision welding machine designed for the bench jeweler. New users become proficient at welding within minutes. Users with more experience can customize every aspect of the machine to fit their preferences. The Orion has two internal micro-processors that control every aspect of welder operation. This allows the jeweler to focus on creativity while the Orion ensures repeatable and safe operation.

The Only 3-in-1 Dental Welder. The Orion has been designed with three welding modes all in one affordable device. This allows dental technicians the freedom to weld everything from warped bridges to orthodontic applications.

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