Finally, an Affordable Dental Welder!

The foundational value of Orion Dental Welders and Sunstone Engineering is to manufacture and market welding solutions that are affordable for dental labs. However, it is equally important to ensure each product is high-tech and versatile enough to meet the demands of the market.

  • Lower Cost - Other welders with similar features to the Orion Dental Welder cost approximately $10,000 - 25,000+ USD. This cost is a significant burden on a company of any size. The Orion Dental Welder costs a small fraction of that price ($5,200) and has additional features such as more power, 15 presets specific for dental labs, 15 customizable save settings, and a smaller bench-top footprint. Unlike a laser welder Orion lifetime costs are minimal since the welder does not require regular maintenance.
  • More Profitable - Orion users save money during the initial purchase as well as over the life of their welder. Save money by not outsourcing weld repairs, become more profitable by bring other welding projects in-house.
  • All the Benefits of an Expensive Laser - The Orion Dental Welder can perform all of the welding functions of an expensive laser ($25,000+) at a fraction of the cost. In addition, the Orion has more power (175 Joules), more features (3 weld modes), and puts more money in your pocket.